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How To Make A Cloud Lamp: A DIY Guide

A cloud lamp is a fun and easy way to add some ambiance to any room. You can make your own cloud lamp with just a few supplies and a little bit of creativity. Here’s how:


– 1 white balloon

– 1 bottle of white school glue

– 1 cup of water

– 1 package of glitter (optional)

– 1 clear light bulb

– 1 lamp base


1. Begin by blowing up the balloon to the desired size of your cloud lamp.

2. In a bowl, mix together the glue, water, and glitter (if using).

3. Dip the balloon into the glue mixture, making sure to coat it evenly.

4. Let the balloon dry completely. This may take a few hours or overnight.

How To Make A Cloud Lamp: A DIY Guide

5. Once the balloon is dry, carefully cut a small hole in the center of it.

6. Insert the clear light bulb into the hole, and then place the balloon over the lamp base.

7. Turn on the lamp to enjoy your new cloud lamp!

How To Make A Cloud Lamp

Making a cloud lamp is a fun and easy project for anyone who is looking to add a creative touch to their home décor. Start by gathering your materials, including a cardboard box, white tissue paper, a few sheets of foam, scissors, and a few other craft supplies. Cut the tissue paper into strips and glue them to the inside of the cardboard box. Cut the foam into small shapes such as stars and circles and glue them to the tissue paper. Once the tissue paper and foam are in place, use a glue gun to attach a string of LED lights to the inside of the box. Finally, place the box on a flat surface and turn the lights on to enjoy your very own cloud lamp.

Cut felt into cloud-like shapes and sew them together

Are you looking to add a unique and whimsical touch to your home décor? If so, then you should consider making a cloud lamp! This project is surprisingly easy to make and requires just a few materials. You can even customize your cloud lamp by cutting the felt into different cloud shapes and sewing them together. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make your own cloud lamp.

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First, you’ll need to gather your supplies. You’ll need a sheet of felt in the color of your choice, matching thread, scissors, a needle, an LED light, and a hot glue gun.

Next, you’ll cut the felt into various cloud shapes. For a basic cloud lamp, you’ll need two large oval shapes, two medium-sized rounded clouds, and two smaller clouds. You can create more complex cloud shapes by cutting the felt into circles, rectangles, and other shapes.

Now you’ll want to sew the felt pieces together. Start by attaching the two large oval shapes together. Then sew the medium-sized clouds to the top and bottom of the large ovals. Finally, sew the smaller clouds onto the top of the lamp. Make sure to double-knot the thread at the end of each seam so the felt pieces don’t come apart.

Once the felt pieces are securely sewn together, it’s time to attach the LED light. Take the LED light and hot glue it to the middle of the cloud lamp. Make sure the light is firmly attached and doesn’t move around.

Now that the lamp is put together, you can customize it even further by adding details. You can use fabric paint to add rainbows, stars, or other designs to the lamp. You can also glue on sequins, gems, feathers, or other embellishments.

Your cloud lamp is now complete! Place it on a shelf or hang it from the ceiling. This unique and whimsical project is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

Stuff the cloud shapes with stuffing material

How To Make A Cloud Lamp: A DIY Guide

Making a cloud lamp is a fun and creative project that can add a unique and stylish touch to any home. With a few simple materials, you can transform a room with a gentle glow and a whimsical look. The key to making this dreamy lamp is to stuff the cloud shapes you create with stuffing material. Here’s how to make a cloud lamp:

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First, you’ll need to create your cloud shapes. You can use cardboard, foam, or even fabric to create the shape of the clouds. Once you have your desired cloud shapes, you’ll need to stuff them with stuffing material. This can be anything from cotton batting to foam pieces. Make sure you stuff your clouds evenly so that your lamp looks full and fluffy.

Once your clouds are stuffed, you’ll want to attach a string of white fairy lights to the back of your clouds. Make sure the lights are evenly spaced and firmly secured. If you’re using foam, you can use hot glue to attach the lights. If you’re using cardboard or fabric, you can attach the lights with a strong adhesive.

Once your lights are attached, you can attach your clouds to the wall or ceiling. You can either hang them using small hooks or attach them with double-sided tape. If you’re using foam, you can attach your clouds with hot glue. This is a great way to make your lamp look like it’s floating in the clouds.

Finally, you’ll need to plug in your lights and turn them on. Your cloud lamp is now ready to add a magical touch to any room!

Stuffing the cloud shapes with stuffing material is the key to making this dreamy lamp. With a few simple materials and some creativity, you can transform any room with a gentle glow and whimsical feel. So give it a try and make a cloud lamp of your own!

Attach the cloud shapes to the lamp base using glue gun

Making a cloud lamp may seem like a daunting task, but with the right supplies and a little bit of patience, you can create a beautiful, ethereal lighting feature for your home. By using a glue gun to attach the cloud shapes to the lamp base, you can bring your vision to life with ease!

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Before you begin, it is important to make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies. You will need a glue gun, cloud shapes (which can be cut from foam, felt, or other material), lamp base, and a power source. Once you have gathered all of your materials, you can start the crafting process.

To begin, plug in your glue gun and allow it to heat up. Once it has reached the right temperature, apply a generous amount of glue to the back of each cloud shape. Make sure that you evenly distribute the glue so that the clouds will adhere to the lamp base firmly.

Once the glue has been applied, you can begin attaching the clouds to the base. Carefully place each cloud in the desired location, then press and hold for a few seconds to ensure that it is in place. You can repeat this process for each cloud until the lamp base is completely covered.

Once you have attached all of the clouds to the lamp base, you can attach the power source. Depending on the type of lamp that you have, this will require either a plug or a few batteries. Once the power source is connected, you can enjoy your beautiful cloud lamp!

Making a cloud lamp is a simple and fun DIY project that will add a unique touch to any room. By attaching the cloud shapes to the lamp base using a glue gun, you can create a stunning lighting feature that is sure to be admired by all.



The process of making a cloud lamp is a fun and creative way to personalize a room. With a few simple steps, you can make a unique and eye-catching lamp. You will need a hot glue gun, some cotton batting, a lamp base, a lamp shade, and a light bulb. Start by cutting the cotton batting into cloud shapes and glue them onto the lamp shade. Then, attach the lamp shade to the lamp base. Finally, insert the light bulb and you will have a beautiful and unique cloud lamp!