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Solve the Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle!

The Witcher 3: Magic Lamp Riddle is a puzzle game in which the player must match three items to unlock a hidden door. The items can be found in different parts of the game, and must be placed in the correct order to open the door.

The game is set in the world of The Witcher, and is based on the novel of the same name. The player takes on the role of Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who uses his abilities to fight monsters and solve puzzles.

Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle

The Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle is an intriguing challenge for gamers of all experience levels. Players must figure out the correct order of elements in order to open the magical lamp and gain access to the rewards inside. The elements must be arranged in a particular order, with each element representing a different aspect of the game. Players must think carefully and use their knowledge and intuition to solve the riddle. The riddle is not easy, and it can take some time to figure out the correct solution. It is a great way to test the player’s intelligence and problem solving skills. With a little bit of patience and skill, the Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle can be solved and the rewards within can be claimed.

Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle Overview

The Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle has been a source of mystery and fascination for gamers for years. This cryptic challenge, found in the game’s fifth act, requires players to solve a series of puzzles in order to unlock the lamp’s contents.

At first glance, the puzzle seems daunting. The solution is hidden in a series of symbols and symbols-within-symbols, leading to a complex matrix of clues. However, with a bit of patience and a keen eye, players can discover the secret of the lamp.

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The first step in solving the riddle is to locate the four symbols that comprise the solution. These symbols are scattered across the game’s map, and must be acquired in the correct order. Once all four symbols are in the player’s possession, they must be placed in the correct order on the lamp.

Next, players must decipher the meaning of each symbol. Each symbol is linked to a specific action, which must be performed in order to progress. This could involve solving puzzles, locating hidden items, exploring new areas, or even engaging in combat.

Finally, the player must solve the final puzzle. This could involve arranging the symbols in a certain way, or combining them with a specific item. Doing so will unlock the lamp’s contents, allowing the player to progress to the next stage of the game.

The Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle is a challenging but rewarding puzzle. With a bit of patience and a keen eye, players can unlock the secrets of the lamp and progress in the game.

Solution to the Riddle

Solve the Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle!

The Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle is a deceptively complex conundrum that has been puzzling fans of the video game for some time now. The riddle is set in the game’s world of Kaer Morhen and involves the player, Geralt of Rivia, trying to draw magical powers from a lamp. The solution to the riddle is not immediately apparent, but with some careful deduction and creative thinking, the answer can be revealed.

At its core, the Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle is a logic puzzle. The player is presented with three lamps, each with a unique magical property. The goal of the puzzle is to select the lamp that will unlock the power of the magical item that Geralt has been seeking. To do this, the player must deduce which of the three lamps is able to draw the most power from the magical item.

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The key to solving the Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle is to carefully examine each of the three lamps and consider the properties of the magical item. At first glance, it may appear that the lamps are all equal in power, but upon closer inspection, the subtle differences become apparent. The first lamp’s flame is bright and casts a warm glow, while the second lamp has a faint, blue-ish glow and the third lamp has a deep, smoky hue.

The player must then consider the properties of the magical item and determine which lamp will draw the most power from it. It is here that creative thinking comes in to play. If the magical item is associated with light and warmth, then the first lamp would be the most likely candidate. On the other hand, if the item is associated with darkness and cold, then the third lamp is the most likely candidate.

Once the correct lamp has been selected, the player must then solve the second part of the puzzle. This involves connecting the magical item to the lamp in such a way that it is able to draw the maximum amount of power from the magical item. Depending on the type of magical item, this could involve connecting a wick to the lamp, using a magical powder or other unique method.

Once the Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle has been solved, the

Tips and Tricks

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an expansive and captivating world filled with secrets and treasures to discover. One of the most intriguing secrets is the Magic Lamp Riddle, a puzzle that can be found in the game’s Skellige region. This riddle is a challenging conundrum that requires players to use their wit and knowledge to solve it.

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To solve the riddle, players must first locate the Magic Lamp. This can be found in a cave near the bridge in Skellige. After arriving at this location, the player will find a bronze lamp with a note attached to it. This note reads: “Take me and make me your own, and answer this riddle, or be forever alone.”

The riddle itself is as follows: “One of me is silver, one of me is gold, one of me is lead, one of me is old.” To solve this riddle, the player must think back to the last line of the note. The words “forever alone” can be interpreted as the four elements of the riddle. Silver, gold, lead, and old all represent loneliness.

Once the player has solved the riddle, they must take the lamp and use it to light the torches in the nearby area. This will open a secret door, revealing a chest containing valuable loot and rewards.

The Magic Lamp Riddle is a fun and challenging puzzle that can be found in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s a great way to test your wit and knowledge, and the rewards are worth the effort. So why not grab the lamp and see if you can solve the riddle? You never know what kind of treasures you may find!



The Witcher 3 Magic Lamp Riddle is a difficult but rewarding puzzle for players to solve. It requires careful thought and a bit of trial and error to get through, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Players who are able to solve the riddle will be rewarded with a powerful item that can be used to great effect in the game.