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Watch Karina Bashaeva’s Magical Mushroom Lamp!

Karina Bashaeva’s Mushroom Lamp is a unique and beautiful piece of art. The lamp is made from hand-painted porcelain mushrooms, and is mounted on a metal base. The lamp is powered by a standard light bulb, and is perfect for any room in your home.

Karina Bashaeva Mushroom Lamp

The Karina Bashaeva Mushroom Lamp is a beautiful and unique piece of home decor that is sure to add a touch of warmth and charm to any room. This gorgeous lamp is made of a hand-carved natural wood base and a delicate paper shade. It has a unique, whimsical design that is sure to be a conversation starter. The light emitted from this lamp is soft and inviting, making it perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. The intricate detail of the carving and the paper shade make this lamp an eye-catching accessory that is sure to be a favorite piece in any home. It is perfect for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Description of her mushroom lamp design

Karina Bashaeva is an up-and-coming designer who has made waves in the interior design industry with her unique mushroom lamp design. This eye-catching piece is sure to add a whimsical touch to any room.

The lamp is crafted from solid wood, with a natural finish that highlights the intricate details of the design. The mushroom shape features an organic, curved silhouette with a slight taper towards the top. It is fitted with a white cord and a simple on/off switch, making it easy to use and maintain.

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The unique design is completed with a delicate cap of hand-dyed wool. The wool is available in a range of colors, allowing you to customize the lamp to fit your home’s aesthetic. Whether you choose a bold orange, subtle gray, or something in between, the warm texture of the wool adds a cozy, inviting atmosphere to any room.

The design is inspired by the beauty of nature, bringing the outdoors into your home. The combination of the natural wood and soft wool gives the lamp a rustic feel, creating a comforting ambiance.

For those looking to make a statement in their living space, Karina Bashaeva’s mushroom lamp is a great choice. This unique piece is sure to stand out in any room, adding a touch of whimsy and a hint of nature to your decor.

Materials used to create the lamp

The Karina Bashaeva Mushroom Lamp is a unique and eye-catching piece of lighting that stands out from the crowd. Its distinctive and sculptural design has attracted attention from those seeking an edgy yet approachable lighting solution. But what is it made out of? Let’s take a closer look at the materials used to create this stunning lamp.

The main body of the Mushroom Lamp is made from a hand-cast aluminum alloy. This light material is perfect for creating a striking yet lightweight form that is easy to move around. The aluminum also has a beautiful finish that adds a touch of sophistication to the lamp’s design.

The shade of the Mushroom Lamp is made from a combination of hand-finished fabric and hard-wearing PVC. The fabric is luxurious to the touch and adds texture to the lamp, while the PVC ensures that the shade won’t wear out quickly. This combination of materials ensures that the lamp looks beautiful and is durable enough to withstand everyday use.

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The Mushroom Lamp is also fitted with a variety of LED lights. These lights are energy-efficient and provide soft, warm illumination that is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in any space.

Finally, the Mushroom Lamp is finished with an elegant chrome coating. This coating is both stylish and functional, as it prevents the aluminum from tarnishing over time.

The materials used to create the Karina Bashaeva Mushroom Lamp make it a truly stunning piece of lighting. The combination of lightweight aluminum, luxurious fabric, durable PVC, energy-efficient LED lights, and a stylish chrome coating ensures that the lamp looks great and is built to last.

Inspiration behind the design

Karina Bashaeva’s Mushroom Lamp is an exquisite piece of functional art. The unique design of the lamp draws its inspiration from the beauty of nature, specifically the mushroom. Mushrooms have long been considered a symbol of fertility and abundance in many cultures, and Bashaeva has managed to capture that essence in her design.

The lamp itself is made of several parts that come together to form an elegant sculpture. The base of the lamp is crafted from solid oak and is shaped to resemble the stem of a mushroom. On top of this, a white porcelain shade is placed to create a soft, diffused light. The shade is shaped like the cap of a mushroom, giving the lamp its unmistakable shape. The combination of the white shade and the warm oak base creates a stunning contrast that adds to the overall beauty of the piece.

The lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a practical purpose. The shade is designed to cast a warm, ambient light that adds a cozy atmosphere to any room. The unique shape of the lamp also creates an interesting focal point in any space.

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The inspiration behind the design of the Mushroom Lamp is a testament to Karina Bashaeva’s creative vision. By combining nature and modern design, she has created a piece of art that will bring a touch of beauty to any home. The Mushroom Lamp is sure to be a treasured piece in any collection.



Karina Bashaeva Mushroom Lamp is a beautifully designed lamp that would make a great addition to any room. The lamp is made of high quality materials and is sure to last for many years. The lamp emits a warm, inviting light that is perfect for relaxing in.